Space Coast Dance Club Dance Etiquette
Space Coast Dance Club
Melbourne, Florida
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• Space Coast Dance Club does not tolerate any form of harassment (verbal or physical).

• All persons of any age who attend the dance, whether dancing or not, must sign in at the registration desk.

• Teaching on the social dance floor is not appropriate. Even so called "friendly advice" regarding another's
dancing can be hurtful.

• Standing and talking on the dance floor takes away valuable dance space. Please socialize off the floor.

• Please be considerate of other dancers. All dancers should share the floor and observe “slots” and “lines-of-

• Please treat our visiting DJs, professional instructors and announcers with respect. Please be polite in making
song requests from DJs. When dancing with instructors or asking questions please remember that many of your
fellow dancers are waiting for the opportunity to meet our visiting professionals. Please limit conversation during
announcements so that all dancers can hear the information.

• Dancing brings us into others' personal space. We all need to be aware of our personal hygiene.

• Graciously accept when someone says “no” to a dance invitation from you. Also, it is considered to be bad
manners to decline an invitation from one person and then accept an invitation from another person during the
same song.

• All dancers are requested to dress appropriately.

• Please bus your table and do not create additional work for our wonderful volunteers.

• The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. Misconduct due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages
is not condoned.

• Please do not behave in a way that distracts others from enjoyment of the dance. Excessively loud talking,
displays of observed rudeness, and other inappropriate behavior can be disturbing to others.

• Space Coast Dance Club encourages you to bring your family and friends to our activities. People of all ages are
welcome. For safety reasons, if one of your guests is a child, please be sure the child has appropriate adult

• Users of tobacco and vaping devices are kindly reminded that they are not permitted to use vaping, tobacco or
tobacco-like products in the FOP or any other place outside near the building.

• When you have concerns, criticism or suggestions, please refrain from expressing these items directly toward
other Club members, guests, guest dance instructors, or guest DJ's at our Club. We request that these items be
directed solely toward members of the Board of Directors so that they may be handled properly and within the
policies of our Club.

2019 SCDC Board

Anita Dukes - President

Les Cheong - Vice President

Ron Smith - Secretary

Reggie Foley - Treasurer

Steve Dandeneau - Director

Stephen Fay - Director

Rich Krywe - Director

Phyllis Lentz - Director

Joan Silvester - Director
Dances are held at: FOP, 1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL  32935

    Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
    Space Coast Dance Club
    PO Box 410664
    Melbourne, FL  32941

Space Coast Dance Club telephone:

      Anita Dukes -President
        (321)332-4198   Voice or Text

       Ron Smith, Event Committee
     (202)664-0707   Voice or Text

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