Dances and Events are held
    at the FOP:
    1049 Julia Drive,
    Melbourne, FL 32935
Dances are held at: FOP, 1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL  32935

Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
Space Coast Dance Club, 802 Ridge Lake Drive., Melbourne, FL  32940

Space Coast Dance Club telephone: 321-544-5160

Space Coast Dance Club Email Address:


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    Space Coast Dance Club is located in Melbourne, Florida, with members from several
    towns on the Central East Coast of Florida. We are only 60 miles from Orlando and a
    short distance from Kennedy Space Center and the beaches.

    Space Coast Dance Club, Inc. (SCDC) is organized and operates as a nonprofit social and
    educational organization under the Nonprofit Corporation Act for the purpose of
    preserving, studying, teaching and promoting public interest in all forms of social

    Our focus is on Social Dancing. The club's music is a mix of West Coast Swing, Country,
    East Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Hustle, Waltz, and other favorites. Music may vary by the
    theme presented.  The club events are  a variety of dances, workshops, theme parties
    and member gatherings.   Details are available on the website calendar, newsletter,
    Facebook (Space Coast Dance Club), or by contacting the club.
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2017 SCDC Board

Paul Girard - President
Ron Smith - Vice President
Anita Dukes-Secretary
Carol Girard -Treasurer
Steve Dandeneau
Joan Silvester
Reggie Foley
Dave Francisco
Michele Holm
Three Dances In April!
APRIL 8 and APRIL 9: Tommy Gibbs and
Renee Lipman are returning to SCDC for al
West Coast Swing weekend event.
APRIL 22: 50's and 60's Dance at FOP. We
are expecting a group of Beach Boppers
from Orlando to share the evening.  Come
and enjoy a fabulous party with an
enthusiastic crowd dancing to the Oldies.
APRIL 29 and APRIL 30:  Shawn
Swaithes and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld
lead a Country/Swing workshop series
and dance on April 29 and private
lessons on April 30